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Name Position Theme E-Mail
Satoshi Tsuneda   Professor   Please check the research profile. Click
Naohumi Noda   Visiting Professor   Research page(Japanese)
Toshifumi Osaka   Visiting Researcher   Gut homeostasis through host-microbes interactions
Kazuki Kitaoka   Visiting Researcher   Social Implementation of Sexually Transmitted Disease Prophylaxis with Bacteriophages
Takuma Okabe   Ph.D student (D2)   Functional analysis of the stress-responsive MazEF system conserved in pathogenic bacteria
Tomoyoshi Kaneko   Ph.D student (D2)   Development of novel method for phage screening
Miu Hoshino   Ph.D student (D2)   Absolute quantification of microbes using w/o droplets
Shuto Ikeda   Ph.D student (D1)   Elucidation of the mechanism of heterogeneity in growth rate of difficult-to-culture ammonia-oxidizing bacteria
Matthew Imaoka   Ph.D student (D1)   TBD

Master's Course and Bachelor

 ・Himeno Shirasaka
  Screening of PET-Degrading Microorganisms from the Environment Using Water-in-Oil Droplet Technology
  Screening of Bacteriophages from the Environment Using Water-in-Oil Droplet Technology

 ・Kanata Nakatsuka
  Novel Strategy for Phage Therapy Based on Amino-Acid Sequence Homology of Escherichia coli Outer Membrane Protein

 ・Hana Hasegawa
  Development of Escherichia coli growth inhibition procedure by inducing MazF endoribonuclease using bacteriophages

 ・Wakana Yamashita
  Construction of a high-throughput tool to investigate the bactericidal activity and host range of antimicrobial factors

 ・Chieri Yamada

 ・Sayo Ohno
  Development of a Water-in-oil droplet microbial cultivation method utilizing pulverized deceased microbial carcasses as a nutrient source

 ・Sumire Kobayashi
  Development of the method to evaluate the effect of microbial inoculants on soil bacteria

 ・Yuta Sato
  Elucidation of Ani-Avast

 ・Daiki Tanaka
  Physiological analysis of Enterococcus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa phages to create efficient phage cocktails

 ・Kento Habe
  Elucidation of effective phage against Escherichia coli ST131 clone

 ・Hiromasa Mizutani
  Exploring the Arsenal : A Comprehensive Study of Staphylococcus aureus Phages for Phage Therapy

 ・Kota Yamagishi

Bachelor Course
 ・Moeri Iwata

 ・Shun Shimoaoki

 ・Akiho Shimomura

 ・Ryo Nakamura

 ・Tomoya Maeda

 ・Ryotaro Yasuda